20 great introductory lines to inspire the beginning of your story

Narrative essays can include dialogue between characters. If you are using incoming dialog, be sure to retrieve and provide additional contextual information before proceeding..

Storytelling is a very diverse genre of writing


Making your writing as attractive as possible goes a long way towards the quality of your essay. While you may have a good lead, you should know that it will require support from the rest of your essay. The body and lead should complement your hook, being of the recommended quality..

How to start a story Example:

I had no idea who Alice was or what she did to the narrator. Writing a book was as much a revelation for me as it was for the reader…

Before you start writing your essay, take the time to read examples of narrative essays. You will notice that this type of creative fiction has a lot in common with examples of memories. It’s all about telling a true story in the same compelling way as fiction. Personal narrative essay on personal experience, so you should write it in the first person..

The beginning of your story plays an important role in the impact it has on your readers. As a common business analogy shows, “first impressions matter”.

These essays are often anecdotal, experimental, and personal, allowing students to express themselves in a creative and, quite often, touching way. Don’t feel like you need to fully process the plot before you start. In fact, many writers prefer to create a story along the way. The plot is a great option if you travel like that, but it is also perfectly acceptable to sit down and start writing only with a vague idea of ​​what you are going to write. In my first novel, Beautiful Bad, I started with the first line, I did not go to Alice’s funeral, but I got it from there..

You may be tempted to start the story before the action really begins, such as when the character wakes up from what will end a difficult or dramatic day. But if you do not rewrite Sleeping Beauty, waking up is rarely difficult or dramatic. Often when we start like this, it is because we try to get into the narrative instead of letting the story develop its own dynamics. Much better to start in the first moment of a large-scale conflict.

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